Technologies from the USA will allow a farmer to store carbon

Technologies from the USA will allow a farmer to store carbon

Kazakhstan's KazBeef has signed an agreement with EcoBalance Global to implement a project related to carbon storage. The project was developed in the United States, where it successfully proved itself, World of NAN reports with reference to the Ministry of Ecology.

"It is a carbon storage project: capturing carbon from the atmosphere through grazing on agricultural land into the ground and storing it in the ground. It is a complex project that we have supported with satellite-based artificial intelligence technology - a proprietary data storage platform linked to blockchain," explained company spokesperson Tellan Steffan.

According to him, the project starts with land that is used for farming. The company will set up a management process for farm workers to capture carbon. This will generate carbon credits from the land that can be invested in products from the land, including beef or lamb, and the output is a carbon offset process.

"And it's all under the umbrella of our business structure. We can just go to any locality and put in place management practices where it's possible to apply our processes. This is good for the agricultural sector. Such an initiative will ensure sustainable land management," concluded Tellan Steffan.

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