Three reservoirs to be built in Zhambyl Region

Three reservoirs to be built in Zhambyl Region

That will solve the problem of water shortages. According to the director of the Zhambyl branch of RSE Kazvodkhoz Kazybek Bedebayev, the construction of the reservoir is scheduled to begin this year in the region, World of NAN reports.

Currently, a budget request has been submitted to the Ministry of Finance for construction work, according to the plan. "The water shortage in Zhambyl region has been on the agenda for many years. We would have solved this issue long ago if the only solution was finances alone. Unfortunately, the issue has not been solved to the end, as it depends not on finances, but on the neighboring state. Still, to solve the problem, we proposed to build three water reservoirs. A positive conclusion of the state expert examination of the feasibility study has been obtained. And if the Ministry allocates the necessary funds, we will start the construction work," said Kazybek Bedebayev.

The first stone of the Irgaitskoye reservoir, with a capacity of 15.222 million cubic metres, will be laid in the Kordai district. The Kalgut water reservoir with a capacity of 14.6 million cubic meters will be built on the same site, and the Akmola water reservoir with a capacity of 11.107 million cubic meters will be built in Baizak district.

"The total cost of these facilities is 14.9 billion tenge. New reservoirs will reduce dependence on water from the neighboring country during the growing season and will provide additional water to 34.5 thousand hectares of irrigated land in the region," said Kazybek Bedebayev.

Note that the total area of crops in the region is 180 thousand hectares. As noted the head of the Zhambyl branch of RSE Kazvodkhoz, it is also planned to reconstruct dilapidated water bodies in 5 districts (Bayzak, Zhambyl, Zhualy, Kordai and Merken). This was made possible thanks to financing from the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD). As of today, contractors for 31 projects have been selected and construction works are being carried out. The total cost of modernization is KZT21.5bn. During the implementation of the reconstruction project 310 objects with a total length of 1388 km will be repaired.

"As of May 5 this year, about 87 km of channels are poured with concrete and about 189 km of channels are mechanically cleaned," said Kazybek Bedebayev. At the same time after the completion of reconstruction, it is planned to return to the turnover of 51,271 thousand hectares of irrigated land of the region.


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