Farmers are losing out on contracts because of the ban on the export of onions

Farmers are losing out on contracts because of the ban on the export of onions

Farmers are complaining about the collapse of contracts because of the ban on the export of onions. According to representatives of farms, just because there are restrictions on the export of the product, the price inside the country will not go down, reports World of NAN, citing Agroqogam.

"This is an infringement of the rights of peasant farms. They bought fertilizers, chemicals, seeds with their own money, they grew, despite having had problems with water. There is no help from the state, people somehow survive on their own. And the state cuts off their oxygen. For example, those who are keeping in warehouses until spring, they will not sell to consumers from the street. Those who take it to the market, by trucks, or lorries of 20 tons, the stores mark up on top. Therefore, there is no benefit to common citizens from this anyway, the prices will not fall. Only detriment to farmers", - said the head of the farm "Yergali" Talgat Suleimenov.

Let us remind you that in January, an interdepartmental commission decided to ban onion exports for three months. This was done to prevent the mass export of the product from the country. However, a number of businessmen disagreed with the resolution and proposed to extend the ban until March, and to introduce a temporary duty on onion exports.

In turn, Deputy Prime Minister - Minister of Trade and Integration Serik Zhumangarin recently commented on the situation with the product. According to him, the available stocks in the country should be enough until April.

"For early onions, we have signed the first contracts with Tajikistan for the supply of 3 thousand tons of onions. In general, today the country has enough of the so-called "borscht set" to calmly go through a period of high inflation until April. After that we will have to import vegetables from abroad, but we have already signed contracts with Pakistan, Tajikistan and Uzbekistan," summed up the head of the department.

According to official figures, the country needs about 30 thousand tons of onions a month. Today Kazakhstan has 150 thousand tons of onions left.

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