Investments in the agricultural sector of Kazakhstan increased by 1.5 times

Investments in the agricultural sector of Kazakhstan increased by 1.5 times

In January-July 2021, capital investments in agriculture, forestry and fisheries amounted to 386.1 billion tenge, up 47.8% in value terms from a year earlier. Real growth in physical volume reached 45.5%, reports World of NAN referring to

As noted by experts, during the same period of the previous year 261.2 billion tenge were invested in the sector, plus 15.3% for the year. Most of the investments in the sector came from crop and livestock production: 383.9 billion tenge - 47.4% more in money than a year earlier. Including 251.3 billion tenge were investments in cultivation of one- or two-year crops, 88.4 billion tenge in cattle breeding, 35.3 billion tenge in mixed farming, and 7.8 billion tenge in cultivation of perennial crops.

Capital investment in fisheries and fish farming this year amounted to 2.2 billion tenge, in forestry and logging - 77.3 million tenge.

In the regional context the largest part of investments came from North-Kazakhstan region: 91.9 billion tenge - 48.6% more in value terms than a year earlier. Akmola region is on the second line: 60.2 billion tenge, twice as much growth for the year. Closed the top three regions Pavlodar region: 47 billion tenge, plus 95.3%.

In the seven months, investments in the sector decreased in five regions, with the capital expected in principle no capex in the agricultural sector, analysts say.

More than two-thirds of all investments in the country provide own funds of the sector enterprises: 265.1 billion tenge - 48.4% more in money than a year earlier. Another 103.7 billion tenge went to non-bank borrowed funds, plus 69.5%. Loans from banks amounted to only 17.3 billion tenge, 19.1% less than in January-July 2020.

However, despite the excellent performance, the agricultural sector remains the most risky for investment. Recall that this year domestic agrarians faced a drought, which significantly affected both crop and livestock production of the country.

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