One million hectares of land is being returned in Almaty region

One million hectares of land is being returned in Almaty region

In 2024, the regional prosecutor's office returned 155 plots of 12,500 hectares of unused land worth 2.5 billion tenge, World of NAN reported citing the agency.  

For example, in 2020, an enterprise in the town of Konayev was given five land plots of 500 hectares for the construction of a hydroelectric power plant. However, construction has not started.

In another case, Solid Cristal LLP in Iliyskiy district was granted a 38 hectares plot at a cost of 339 million tenge. The plot has not been used for more than 6 years since it was granted.

By the measures of the regional prosecutor's office, these plots were returned to state ownership. Also, the prosecutor's office revealed the facts of evasion of payment of 1.5 billion tenge to the budget by the owners of land plots for changing the intended purpose. In total, more than 100 such landowners were identified. According to the response measures, 236 million tenge was reimbursed to the budget, the rest of the amount is being recovered.

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