Kazakhstan will create laboratories to facilitate grain exports to China

Kazakhstan will create laboratories to facilitate grain exports to China

Laboratories for certification of grain and meat products for export to China will be created in the south, east and center of Kazakhstan. This was announced by the chairman of the presidium of the NCE "Atameken" Raimbek Batalov, World of NAN reports with reference to

The National Chamber receives supervisory authorities of China and organizes meetings with Kazakh producers.

"Kazakh meat producers have to confirm that they produce their products according to all standards. This is a very important issue. This gives us the opportunity to add them to the list and send them to China. Second, we send our grain. Grain is going to China throughout this year. But there is a problem that China has its own procedures. For example, the grain came to Dostyk-Alashankou station, but there are no laboratories there. We succeeded in getting the Chinese side to put laboratories at the border," Raimbek Batalov said.

Also, a number of Chinese and Kazakh investors will invest in laboratories in Kazakhstan, which will facilitate grain exports to China as much as possible.

"These are small investments, but they are very important to ensure that the quantity of grain and the cost satisfies both sides. We believe these laboratories will be in place by the end of this year.

The Chinese side promised to settle this issue in November-December. As for laboratories on the territory of Kazakhstan, I am convinced that by the first quarter of next year these laboratories will be financed and certified. This will benefit all Kazakh grain producers," added the head of the National Chamber.

According to him, it is planned to create 3-4 laboratories in the east, south and center of Kazakhstan.

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