Farmers are heard in civilized countries

Farmers are heard in civilized countries

At a time when the government of Kazakhstan ignores the demands of farmers to abandon the utilization fee and maintain subsidies for imported agricultural machinery, the governments of other countries are listening to the opinions of local farmers, World of NAN reports.

New Zealand has scrapped a plan to put a price on agricultural emissions from sheep and cattle flatulence. Thus, the country's new government gave in to the protests of farmers who argued that the tax would make the livestock sector unprofitable.

Instead, the government pledged to invest NZ$400 million in developing emissions reduction technologies and increase funding for the New Zealand Agricultural Greenhouse Gas Research Center by NZ$50.5 million.

The previous government, which resigned at the end of 2023, proposed introducing a tax on methane emissions for cattle owners from the end of 2025, which would be the first such precedent in the world. However, the plan proved too unpopular among farmers, and the current government has vowed to scrap it if elected.

“It’s time to reconsider our relationship with farmers and processors in terms of dealing with biogenic methane,” said New Zealand Agriculture Minister Todd McClay. However, he added that the government is not abandoning its commitments to combat climate change.

Earlier, the European Commission also made concessions to protesting farmers and lifted a number of requirements for agricultural producers.

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