IT technologies in the service of farmers

IT technologies in the service of farmers

Turkestan scientists have created an IT service for agricultural producers. According to one of the organizers of the IT service, candidate of technical sciences Berdiyar Kalymbetov, 11 chat groups are already active, each of which has registered from 80 to 100 farmers, the correspondent reports.

“Our agricultural scientists now give answers on-line to any questions of field growers and gardeners, they can recognize diseases of crops and their pests from the photos sent”, says B. Kalymbetov. - They explain how to deal with them, give recommendations on crop rotation and other agricultural activities, suggest which varieties are better to use to get a larger crop, where to buy seeds or seedlings. In addition, they help establish contacts by introducing crop producers to buyers. The service immediately began to be very popular among managers and specialists of farms. There are a lot of agrarians who want to get into the chat group, so we plan to expand the network”.

“This is a great help for us”, Salavat Turdaliev, a representative of the peasant farm “Artukbay”, enters the conversation. “It is no secret that finding a competent specialist, even an agronomist, even a livestock specialist, even a veterinarian, is extremely problematic in the countryside. If closer to the regional centers there are still such ones, then in the remote farms located from 60 kilometers onwards they cannot be found in the afternoon with fire. And if you persuade someone, you will ask for such a salary that you can go broke. Now, even if we have a problem at the farthest melon, we just take a photo, send it to scientists through WhatsApp and almost immediately we get all the necessary data and recommendations – what to do. This is really invaluable support for us. More such initiatives”. Scientists now plan to open a similar IT service for livestock breeders encouraged by this “trick”.

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