It's business as usual: a civil servant decides and farmers suffer

It's business as usual: a civil servant decides and farmers suffer

Farmers complain of excessively high taxation for land, the culprit being the inclusion of agricultural plots within the boundaries of populated areas, World of NAN reports with reference to NCE.

Some entrepreneurs have been requested to pay taxes for the previous 3 years in the amount of 200 million tenge; tax authorities have started demanding payments for the previous years only now.

According to Yernur Abzhan, deputy director of the Department of Construction and Land Relations of Atameken NCE, with the adoption of the new Tax Code in 2018, the norm providing for hectare taxation of agricultural land within settlements was excluded. Now it is necessary to pay for each square meter, and taking into account the area of farmers, this amount is unrealistic.

For example, an entrepreneur in the Kostanai region, the tax on 992 hectares of land located in the northern industrial zone of Kostanai increased from 120 thousand to 60 million tenge.

"The decision to include agricultural land plots into the boundaries of populated areas was made by the state authorities without the consent of the entrepreneurs themselves. Moreover, we believe that this situation, in fact, is a coercion of entrepreneurs to give up their rights to land plots," said Yernur Abzhan.

The National Chamber of Entrepreneurs has repeatedly raised this issue at the level of the government and proposed: to instruct the Ministry of National Economy and Ministry of Agriculture to take into account the specifics of agriculture, but there is no result.

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