37 cases of anthrax among humans have been registered

37 cases of anthrax among humans have been registered

The Prosecutor's Office continues to report total mess in Kazakhstan's veterinary system. World of NAN found out from the Ministry of Healthcare how this affects the population.

Thus, over the past 2023, 37 cases of anthrax were registered, of which 1 case was fatal, 693 cases of brucellosis and six cases of teniasis among humans. The Ministry of Healthcare connects these cases with farm animals.

We cannot blame the country's veterinary service for human illnesses and deaths. However, the news about fictitious livestock inspections and false vaccination appeared from the prosecutor's office. Still, it makes us think that the carelessness of the Veterinary Control Committee leads to illness among the population and even death.

Livestock farmers also suffer because of this system. While organized farms have their own veterinarians who monitor the health of their animals, private farms do not think about it. Any infection of livestock in backyard farms leads to the spread of infection on pastures and watering holes. Thus, an epidemic can spread to a livestock farm.

And what successful development of livestock breeding in Kazakhstan can we talk about? Officials, of course, cheerfully report about the opening of new export markets. But can we at least think a little about the health of our population?

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