Import of oilseeds and barley increased by road transport

Import of oilseeds and barley increased by road transport

Kazakhstan has extended the ban on the importation of wheat by road, but this does not stop unscrupulous traders, World of NAN reports.

The issue of gray imports of wheat has always been a sore point for Kazakhstan, but with the help of legislative intervention, the problem has been partially corrected.

"In addition to the price difference, the reason for the active importation of wheat was the underestimation of the weight of imported grain due to the lack of necessary equipment at checkpoints," explained Arman Abenov, head of the Department of Economic Investigations in Kostanai region.

It is worth remembering that within the EAEU, Russian wheat is not subject to export duties like other crops. Therefore, after a sharp decline in wheat imports, imports of barley and oilseeds have increased.

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