14 march 2022
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How a Kazakhstani startup creates environmentally friendly biopreparations

How a Kazakhstani startup creates environmentally friendly biopreparations

Farmers have to import more than 90% of biological drugs from abroad. Meanwhile the demand for them increases year by year. Because of high soil contamination with toxins and agrochemicals, the first priority is the use of environmentally friendly drugs that contribute to enhancing the circulation of nutrients. Five years ago, members of the Kazakh startup "EcoSave" began to seriously address the issue. The young scientists created biopreparations that are absolutely harmless to the environment.

For themselves the team defined 5 main criteria which the new biopreparations correspond to - environmental friendliness, absence of resistance, high selectivity, application in any phase of vegetation and high profitability. 

Creation history

"EcoSave" was founded in 2017 as part of the project "Stimulating Productive Innovation" with the support of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan and the World Bank.

The startup of young Kazakh scientists, passionate about the idea of green agriculture, went into production in 3 years. In 2021 there was a partnership with the company "IMEX Group", which provides services and products in the field of plant protection and nutrition. At the moment studies of different strains of microorganisms continue in order to find useful properties and adaptation to further use in agricultural production. Biopreparations developed by the company are absolutely safe for humans and animals and are not phytotoxic. 

Innovations in business

To date, two biological products have shown their effectiveness and gained the trust of many farmers.

"Biograno Forte" - a complex fertilizer with fungicidal properties. The preparation can be used during seedbed preparation, in order to improve germination and suppress pathogens, and during vegetation, stimulating the growth and development of plants and reducing the effect of herbicidal stress. Due to the composition of different types of bacteria Bacillus spp., the fungus Trichoderma spp. and other growth-stimulating bacteria facilitates dissolution of hard-to-reach nutrition elements (P,K,Ca,S,Si,etc.), conversion of nitrogen into forms accessible to plants and accelerated decomposition of organic matter. It also contains amino acids, humic acids, phytohormones, vitamins, macro- and microelements (N, P, K, Na, Mg, etc.). Since 2022 the preparation is subsidized as a complex fertilizer.

"Biomikol" is a broad-spectrum fungicide with a pronounced bactericidal effect. The active ingredient of the biopreparation is live cells and spores of natural bacterial culture Bacillus subtilis, which inhibits reproduction of many fungal and bacterial plant diseases by its vital activity products. The biopreparation is intended for use in the storage and cultivation of carrots, potatoes, tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers, crops, etc. It is also used for treatment of seeds and planting material.

"Biological solutions with care for the earth"

Exactly according to this slogan EcoSave company will take part in AgriTek&FarmTek-2022. At the company's stand, visitors will be able to learn in detail about the results of using biopreparations in production conditions, as well as the latest developments in the field of biotechnology. For all interested visitors a seminar on the use of biopreparations in crop production will be held in the conference hall of the exhibition center.


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