1 June Ministry of Agriculture plans to lift agricultural export restrictions

1 June Ministry of Agriculture plans to lift agricultural export restrictions

This was announced by Minister of Agriculture Saparkhan Omarov in an interview with, the press service of the Ministry of Agriculture of Kazakhstan.

"All regulatory measures in the form of bans and quotas are not infinite and are temporary in nature. Now the quarantine measures are being simplified because of the coronovirus pandemic, which means that normal trade turnover will be gradually restored and we must respond to it dynamically. Therefore, it is planned to lift all previously imposed restrictions on grain and flour, as well as other food products from 1 June 2020. There are three reasons for this:

- First, the bans and quotas that have been introduced have yielded results, and we have come closer to harvesting a new crop and have offset the risks to food security;

- Secondly, thanks to timely measures taken, the regional stabilization funds have secured stocks of flour and other food products;

- Thirdly, the sowing campaign in the main grain sowing regions has begun, all preparatory work has been done, there is sufficient moisture accumulation, Kazhydromet forecasts average temperature regime and sufficient precipitation in June-August. All this makes it possible to predict the harvest, which fully ensures the safety of the country," said the head of the Ministry of Agriculture in an interview with the Internet portal. 

To recall, in connection with the introduction of the emergency regime and in order to ensure food security during quarantine, the Ministry of Agriculture imposed restrictions on exports of certain socially important agricultural products on March 22.

On April 2 this year, after the re-specification and analysis of food stocks in the regions of the country, the agency prepared a new order of the Minister of Agriculture № 111 "On some issues of export of certain goods from the territory of the Republic of Kazakhstan", which clearly regulated the export of certain goods. Export of buckwheat, white sugar, potatoes, onions, garlic, sunflower seeds and oil has been prohibited.

The list of goods to be exported according to quotas includes carrots, turnips, beet, cabbage, as well as flour and wheat.


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