10 dairy farms and 2 fattening sites will be launched in North Kazakhstan region

10 dairy farms and 2 fattening sites will be launched in North Kazakhstan region

This year 10 dairy farms will be built in North-Kazakhstan region, reports World of NAN referring to the press service of SKR Akimat.

These projects will be funded under the 2021 budget. Industry experts estimate that the launch of these dairy farms will produce more than 51 thousand tons of milk annually and employ 500 villagers.

To date, five dairy complexes have already been opened in the region. One of them was the recently launched dairy farm of LLP "Kyzylzhar Сүt".

"On the smart and digital farm the processes are automated, due to this the productivity of labor increases. The volume of investment amounted to 3.3 billion tenge. 35 North-Kazakhstan residents are provided with year-round permanent jobs," the press service noted.

This farm will produce 3.6 thousand tons of milk per year. Now in our country's health standards for the consumption of milk per Kazakhstani citizen is 340 liters per year. That is, just one farm, producing 3.6 thousand tons of milk, provides milk to more than 10 thousand people a year.

"The region is also successfully implementing meat cattle breeding projects. This year a farm for 1 thousand heads is being commissioned. The construction of two fattening sites for 13 thousand heads continues", - the report says.

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