Akimats are not interested in investment in agriculture

Akimats are not interested in investment in agriculture

According to the Minister of Agriculture, Aidarbek Saparov, in 2022, the Ministry of Agriculture together with each Akimat approved Roadmaps to 2025 for 877 investment projects with a total of 2.7 trillion tenge, World of NAN reports with reference to the ministry.

"When working out each project in detail, it turns out that the total pool is much smaller. The question arises: how was the preliminary list formed on the ground? It is clear that geopolitical changes, instability of food systems, certain underfunding of the sector have affected the plans for the implementation of investment projects. But the reduction of the pool of projects by almost half shows their complete lack of elaboration and the attitude of some akimats to this issue," the Minister emphasized.

In October 2023, a revision of the pool of projects was held, according to the results of which 632 projects were selected from the original 877. In addition, 154 projects worth 1.5 trillion tenge were excluded, which are not provided with the necessary infrastructure, land and financial resources.

Thus, 315 projects worth 354.6 billion tenge are planned to be implemented this year. According to the data of the regions, 224 projects for 182 billion tenge were put into operation out of the specified pool. Less than 50% fulfillment - in Abay region (20%), Shymkent (35%), West Kazakhstan region (44%), Akmola region (48%). In Atyrau region, as of November 28, not a single agribusiness project has been implemented.

"This indicates poor project development, as well as the lack of interest of local executive bodies in the timely implementation of investment projects," explained Vice-Minister of Agriculture Abulkhair Tamabek.

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