More than 220 billion tenge will be spent on solving water problems

More than 220 billion tenge will be spent on solving water problems

Kazakhstan is experiencing significant losses of water resources. On average, from 2020 to 2022, the leakage amounted to 19.8% during transportation through main canals, as well as 40% as a result of outdated irrigation methods, the World of NAN reports with reference to

The most inefficient use of the resource is noted in irrigated agriculture. Therefore, to solve the problems, a number of projects are being implemented with the involvement of borrowed funds from international financial organizations.

At the moment, irrigation and drainage are being restored in Almaty and Turkestan regions with a total area of 136.8 thousand hectares. The cost of the projects is 53.2 billion tenge.

Reconstruction of water management and hydromelioration systems in Aktobe, Zhambyl and Turkestan regions with a total irrigation area of 92.7 thousand hectares is also underway. For these works 60.9 billion tenge will be spent.

Until 2025, irrigation and drainage systems will be improved to improve the condition of territories in the basins of transboundary rivers Syr Darya, Talas, Shu and Ili. The volume of financing is 106.9 billion tenge. The project will reconstruct worn-out systems on the area of 105.1 thousand hectares. Currently, out of 11 project zones, two facilities in Zhambyl region have been put into operation, and conditions have been created to improve water availability on 10 thousand hectares of irrigated land.

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