Ten anthrax burial sites were hit by floods

Ten anthrax burial sites were hit by floods

Flooding has affected 10 anthrax burial sites in 3 regions of the country, World of NAN reports with reference to the Ministry of Agriculture.

Special work groups consisting of veterinary and medical specialists were dispatched to collect soil samples from all sites. For each sample, PCR analyses and bacteriological tests were conducted at the Republican Veterinary Laboratory and the National Veterinary Reference Center.

According to the results of laboratory tests, the presence of anthrax pathogen was not detected. That is, there was no anthrax spore release on the ground surface, the epizootic situation is stable.

According to the agency, all regions are actively carrying out scheduled vaccination against anthrax, emkar, foot-and-mouth disease and other particularly dangerous diseases.

Recall, anthrax spores can live for 80-100 years. If the corpses of sick animals have not been burned and properly utilized, the spores can easily wash to the surface.

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