Y. Karashukeyev - not only provide the country with grain, but also maintain its export position

Y. Karashukeyev - not only provide the country with grain, but also maintain its export position

Questions of fodder supply and preparation to harvesting campaign were considered at the meeting of the Government. The acting Minister of Agriculture Yerbol Karashukeyev and the akims of regions reported on the current situation and measures taken to procure fodder, World of NAN reports citing the press service of the Prime Minister of Kazakhstan.

The Head of the Ministry of Agriculture spoke about the implementation of a set of measures to maximize the volume of forage harvesting in the field. On August 23 this year, a decision to impose a temporary ban on the export of roughage from the republic will come into effect, and from September 1 quotas on the export of forage crops will be introduced, said the Head of the Ministry Y. Karashukeyev. In addition, according to him, local executive bodies were instructed to create funds to help the affected regions, to organize the work on procurement of straw and create a reserve of grain forage and bran. It is recommended to take a special control of the provision of fodder on private farms, to secure organized farms for those who are not able to provide their own fodder. At that, special attention was paid to the necessity of strengthening of control of prices for fodder, within the existing legislative field, taking necessary measures on prevention of unreasonable prices growth.

"The taken measures enabled considerable stabilization of the situation and decrease of initial tension, which was in the society before the fodder harvesting season", - Acting Minister of Agriculture said at the meeting.

Plans for fodder stocking were determined jointly with akimats of regions for successful wintering of cattle. As such, according to the information of the Minister, the plan to procure hay, including stocks, is 23.7 million tons. Organized farms stocked 989 thousand tons of hay, which amounts to 62% of the plan. Also harvesting of silage has begun, more than 2 million tons is planned. There are plans to procure 4.8 million tons of straw and 6 million tons of concentrated feed. For the northern regions, there are increased plans not only in hay, but also in the procurement of straw in case of shortage of hay in other regions. It is forecasted to finish provisioning of forage by October 15.

Turning to the preparation for the harvest campaign, the Acting Minister of Agriculture reported that the total sown area of crops in the current year amounted to 23 million hectares, an increase of 322,000 hectares compared to 2020. He noted that the sowing campaign was carried out in optimal time, using quality seeds. However, because of the abnormal soil and atmospheric drought in the current year, the state of grain crops has deteriorated significantly, and this situation is observed not only in Kazakhstan.

According to data of regional akimats as of August 12 this year, the state of grain sowing is evaluated as: good and satisfactory - on 13 241,1 thousand ha or 85,2% from total sowing area of grain crops; bad - on 2 122,3 thousand ha or 13,7%; 178,3 thousand ha or 1,1% were lost. "According to the akimats of the regions, the forecast volume of gross harvest of grain crops is expected to be 15.3 million tons. In addition, in the republic there is a rolling balance of grain in the amount of 3.5 million tons, including wheat - 2.8 million tons. The expected volume of the gross harvest of grain, taking into account the transitory remnants is sufficient to fully meet the domestic needs of the republic, as well as the implementation of certain volumes of grain for export", - Y.Karashukeev said.

Also, in his speech, the Acting Minister of Agriculture said that the food corporation has a reserve of 448 thousand tons of grain. These volumes of grain, if necessary, will be directed to the domestic market in order to stabilize it and ensure food security.

"At the moment more than 1.5 million hectares of cereals and leguminous plants or 14% of the general harvesting area have been cleaned" - acting minister reported. With an average yield of 10.1 c/ha 1.5 million tons of grain have been threshed. The main grain-growers of the region will start the mass harvesting from the third decade of this month. Ministry is constantly monitoring the preparation of elevators to receive the new harvest. Total capacity of grain storage in the Republic is 27.5 million tons, including 12 million tons at the grain receiving enterprises and 15.5 million tons at agricultural producers. This volume of storage capacity is enough to store the projected harvest, taking into account the carryover from previous years. The priority task at the moment is to collect the harvest without losses", - summarized Y. Karashukeyev.


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