EuroTier China invites cattle farmers to join a road show

EuroTier China invites cattle farmers to join a road show

EuroTier, the world's leading exhibition for the livestock industry, will once again be held in Asia. The global event is scheduled for Oct. 18-20 in Nanjing, China, reports World of NAN.

The German Agricultural Association (DLG) is one of the leading organizations for the development of livestock, agriculture and food industry in Europe. EuroTier, organized by DLG, is the largest livestock show in the world. The China International Intensive Livestock Show has officially merged with the EuroTier show to co-host EuroTier China.

The show has long been recognized by experts as the ideal platform for agricultural companies looking to enter the growing livestock market. To date, the EuroTier brand is the only platform that includes livestock expertise in all segments (cattle, poultry, sheep, fish, pigs and goats). Exhibitors will have the opportunity to present the latest offerings in these sectors for China's growing and dynamic market.

As part of the show, the organizers have launched a road show, a meeting of various agricultural brands with potential consumers and customers to learn about the products on offer.

The Euro Tier China Roadshow started in April and will run until October 2021. During that time, participants will visit several agricultural regions in China. Each region will host seminars on a specific topic. Any livestock company will be able to participate in this tour by presenting their solutions for farmers. Entrepreneurs are expected to have an exclusive opportunity to meet new EuroTier China customers and expand their business in China.

As envisioned by the organizers, EuroTier China participants will visit farms or agricultural enterprises. And the presentations will be followed by a tour of the production facility.

Not only local farmers, but also politicians and media representatives will be involved. It is also possible to join the event digitally and make a presentation.

The first events were also held as part of the road show. On May 27-29 the participants reviewed the issues of pig breeding development, in Beijing and Nanjing working meetings were held on the prospects of livestock breeding.  On June 27-29 the participants will discuss the development and use of renewable energy sources in rural areas of China. On July 19-21 the participants will discuss the issues of dairy cattle breeding. On September 14-15 the China-Germany Biogas Congress will be held and on October 18 the China-Germany Young Professionals Congress will take place.

What will the participation in the exhibition bring to cattle breeders?

Participation in the exhibition is paid, but the very presence at the international event will play a significant role in raising brand and product awareness in China. By taking part in meetings and seminars at EuroTier, cattle breeders will gain access to new customers and political representatives. Businessmen will have an opportunity to study the needs and problems of local farmers to offer their ideas and projects. As the organizers point out, there is a real chance to network with exhibitors-producers and suppliers of the relevant industry right on the spot.

Among other things, the organizers will provide an opportunity to further promote the presentation at the exhibition by allocating a separate booth for EuroTier China. Most importantly, any participant will be able to speak at the AgriFuture conference, presenting their brand to an international audience.

In short, EuroTier China is ready to offer the full range of products and services for livestock professionals - from technology, services and genetics to farming and other areas. The exhibition provides access to cutting-edge technological know-how, developments in international agricultural markets and provides effective structures for interacting with international experts and transferring experience. The program and information is adapted to the specific challenges of the farming world in the region. Exhibitors from all branches of the livestock industry will present the latest technological solutions and innovations in the field. International and national experts will present and discuss key livestock issues related to the specific needs of the Chinese market. As part of the event, participants will have access to a worldwide network of suppliers and meet representatives of the world's leading agribusiness companies.  The main topics of the forthcoming forum will be issues of animal breeding, trade features, reproductive technology, storage and production of feed, housing and feeding technology, milking and cooling technology, management and consulting, veterinary medicine, environmental protection for livestock and many others.

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