Farmers will receive more subsidies for sunflower crops

Farmers will receive more subsidies for sunflower crops

Kazakhstan's Deputy Prime Minister Serik Zhumangarin instructed akimats to increase sunflower crops and work out the issue of support for farmers, reports World of NAN with reference to the government.

According to farmers and traders, given the current export duty on sunflower, prices on the domestic market are below the cost of production and are not profitable. As a result, farmers are left with large stocks of sunflower seeds on their hands. However, during the meeting in the government, the Deputy Prime Minister remained indomitable and reminded about the task set by the President - to increase processing.

"We will increase oilseed crops: this year we set a task for akimats to increase the area under oilseeds by 400 thousand hectares. And we will find an opportunity to support producers of sunflower seeds to balance the interests of the domestic market," summarized Serik Zhumangarin.

He also instructed the Ministry of Agriculture to work out the possibility of subsidizing sunflower producers when selling seeds to the domestic market in the amount of the amount received by the budget due to the export duty. The issues of farmers who cannot sell their stocks of sunflower seeds will be solved individually.

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