Farmers are expressing concerns over staff shortage

Farmers are expressing concerns over staff shortage

Local farmers cannot find shepherds, cattle breeders, mechanisers, zootechnicians, horse breeders and veterinarians in the Zaisan district of East Kazakhstan region, World of NAN reported with the reference to the NCE.

Small farms cannot offer high wages, and salaries of 200,000 tenge do not suit locals.

"It is difficult to find people willing to work in these positions, their salaries are also low, and without staff, farmers cannot increase their livestock," said Kanat Abdygaliyevich, director of the Chamber of Entrepreneurs branch.

According to Samat Kydirmolda, chairman of the EKR Farmers Association, it is necessary to introduce training courses at educational institutions and raise the issue of subsidies from the government to partially pay for the labour of certain categories of personnel. It is also necessary to create separate conditions for agricultural workers.

"We plan to raise the issue of retirement for workers in the agro-industrial sector at the age of 55, on an equal basis with workers in hazardous industries", Samat Kydirmolda added.

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