The head of the Ministry of Agriculture gave the forecast for this year's harvest

The head of the Ministry of Agriculture gave the forecast for this year's harvest

Minister of Agriculture of Kazakhstan Saparkhan Omarov today at the reporting meeting gave a forecast of the harvest of this year.

According to the head of the Ministry of Agriculture, taking into account the increased demand for Kazakh agricultural products in the current year areas of crops were increased by 237.7 thousand hectares and brought up to 22.5 million hectares. Thus in structure of the sown areas the growth of highly profitable crops is provided. As a result, the area of oilseed crops has increased by 122.2 thousand ha (up to 3 million ha), fodder crops - by 308.6 thousand ha (up to 3.6 million ha), vegetable crops - by 11.5 thousand ha (up to 272.6 thousand ha), and especially popular buckwheat - by 30.9 thousand ha (up to 99.2 thousand ha).

"This will ensure the projected growth of gross grain and leguminous crops up to 18.5m tons (6.3%), oilseeds up to 2.8m tons (12%), fodder 33m tons (1.5%) and vegetables up to 7m tons (4.5%)," Omarov said.

He also noted that this year additional funds amounting to 11.4 billion KZT have been allocated to subsidize seeds, pesticides and fertilizers.

As part of import substitution, investment projects for laying gardens will continue, as well as the expansion of indoor areas. The area of irrigated land will be increased by 60,000 hectares. This will be facilitated by measures to increase investment subsidy standards for purchase of modern irrigation systems from KZT 500,000 to 800,000 per 1 hectare.

In addition, work is being done to increase the share of areas sown with high reproduction seeds, as well as to increase the volume of mineral fertilizer application.

"In general, the implementation of the above measures will increase the volume of gross crop production up to 3.1 trillion tenge (IFO 2.5%), that is, up to the planned indicators," concluded the minister.


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