The state will definitely not lose from the cancellation of the utilisation fee

The state will definitely not lose from the cancellation of the utilisation fee

Senate deputy Ali Bektaev has raised the issue of cancellation of utilisation fee on agricultural machinery in his request, World of NAN reports.

The fields lack 65,000 tractors and 43,000 combines. At the same time, the annual renewal of machinery is only 4.5 per cent; at this rate, it will take 14-15 years to fill the shortage of tractors and renew the combine harvester fleet.

Unfortunately, the level of local content of agricultural machinery produced in Kazakhstan is only 42-44 per cent. The main spare parts are imported. That is why the price of final products is so high and unaffordable for agrarians. The deputy also noted the high cost of utilisation fee for the purchase of new agricultural machinery. This leads to the fact that farmers cannot buy new equipment and are forced to use and constantly repair outdated tractors and combines.

"As of 2024, the amount of the scrappage fee ranges from 370,000 to 7,380,000 tenge for a tractor and from 1,600,000 to 8,300,000 tenge for a combine harvester. For farmers, these are significant sums. Farms that cannot pay the scrappage fee have stopped buying new equipment. They sow and harvest with old equipment, use the outdated machines for spare parts, and scrap the rest. So what is the role of "Zhasyl Damu" in this process, which collects money for the recycling fee? I believe that if the state will not win, it will definitely not lose, if it refuses to collect the recycling fee from agricultural machinery," Ali Bektaev suggested.

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