Worn-out agricultural machinery hinders farmers' development

Worn-out agricultural machinery hinders farmers' development

The use of worn-out machinery leads to an increase in repair and fuel and lubricants costs by an average of 20% and to the loss of about 14% of the gross harvest, reports World of NAN.

In Kazakhstan, more than 26,000 combines (71%) are classified as worn out. As for tractors, 108,780 (76%) units fall into this category. That is, the problem has already grown to unacceptable proportions and if it were not for the vast areas of Kazakhstan, the food security of the country would be jeopardized.

To calculate roughly, it can be said that on 71% of arable land areas about 14% of harvest is undercollected. Considering this problem in one farm, it is difficult to come to conclusions. But on a national scale, the situation seems dire. Let's take 2022, when farmers harvested a fairly good crop of 22 million tons from 17 million hectares. Given that 70% of the area was covered by worn-out combines, the country almost missed 2 million tons of grain on average. The volume is very significant, farmers missed out on huge profits, plus they spent more money on repairing machinery.

Of course, fleet renewal is a problem for every farmer. But the domestic market of agricultural machinery is extremely unstable. Just think about it, in 2022, the average price of machinery has risen by 30 percent or more. And it is extremely difficult to take loans from second-tier banks because of the strict collateral policy and high interest rates.

The only acceptable working tool is leasing of agricultural machinery. We have already mentioned that thanks to leasing it was possible to increase the rate of renewal of agricultural machinery twice. However, today the allocated amount of funds is not enough. The rate of renewal remains low, and the problem worsens every year. Therefore, the authorities should pay attention to the growing trouble and revise the financing of agricultural machinery leasing towards a multiple increase. In this way, the state will be able to quickly solve the problem.

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