What agricultural projects will be launched in the Karaganda region?

What agricultural projects will be launched in the Karaganda region?

In 2024, 17 agricultural projects worth 40.8 billion tenge are planned to be launched in the region, World of NAN reports.

Thus, seven projects totaling 13.7 billion tenge will be launched in livestock breeding. In Abay district, the farm "Chance" will open a 400-head dairy farm. In Karkaraly district farm "Berik" will build a fattening site for 1,000 heads. A 600-head dairy farm will be launched by MF Ramadan LLP in Nura district. Also in Shet district, farm "RAYAN" will start breeding pedigree cattle for 500 heads, and farm "TAU" will start breeding horses up to 3000 heads.

In addition, in Bukharzhyrau district, Maikuduk Eggs LLP will modernize equipment, and Aknar PF LLP will also modernize production.

Ten projects worth 27.1 billion tenge are expected to be launched in crop production. In Abay district three projects will be launched at once: Zhanat Production Cooperative will introduce irrigated land on 150 hectares, Asker.KZ LLP will also introduce irrigation on 150 hectares, and ADAMEF will modernize a greenhouse complex on 8 hectares.

In Karkarala district, farm " Toleukhan" will transform 100 hectares of arable land into an irrigated one for 80 million tenge.

In Nura district five projects will be launched at once: Farm "Baitugan" will introduce irrigation on 1200 hectares, LLP "Karoy" will establish irrigation on an area of 360 hectares, LLP "Tassuat Agro" will engage in irrigation on 200 hectares, LLP "Chernigovsky and K" will also introduce irrigated farming on 700 hectares, and "Shakhterskoye" LLP will launch a line for seed cleaning (division by photo scanner into fractions, dressing and packing into bags) worth 950 million tenge with a capacity of 20 tons per hour.

The most expensive project will be launched in Osakarovsky district. There, SP-NIKA LLP will build a greenhouse complex to grow cucumbers and tomatoes for 20 billion tenge.

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