Potato juice, protein, animal feed will be produced in Almaty region

Potato juice, protein, animal feed will be produced in Almaty region

26 billion tenge will be invested in the construction of a plant for production of modified potato starch in the Almaty region. The joint Kazakh-Korean venture will produce 45,000 tonnes of finished products per year, the World of NAN reports citing the press service of the Akim of Almaty Region.

The industrial enterprise will be constructed in the territory of Uygur region using modern South Korean technologies. This project will be implemented by the domestic company Katada TRANS GROUP LLP together with investors from South Korea, the ISA. Co. LTD".

To ensure full occupancy of the plant with raw materials, potatoes will be planted annually on 120 hectares. The plan is to process about 200 thousand tons of potatoes per year. In addition to starch, the plant will produce potato juice in the amount of 5700 tons per year, potato protein - 2100 tons per year, animal feed - 5000 tons per year.  Thanks to the launch of the enterprise over 80 new jobs will be created. Moreover, investors will train 7 local specialists yearly within 10 years.

As the deputy director of "Katada TRANS GROUP" LLP Sergazy Shalkharbekov noted, the plant is planned to be built and put into operation within 18 months, i.e. next autumn the production line will be launched. By the way, potato starch is widely used in the production of food, medicines, cosmetics, paper and building materials. It is very useful and in demand in the market of raw materials.

According to the press service, Amandyk Batalov instructed responsible persons to provide the necessary support for high-quality implementation of the project with high economic significance. 

"This is a very large industrial enterprise, which will provide an impetus to the economic development of the Uyghur district. For our part, we will provide support within the framework of state programs to provide the facility with the necessary infrastructure. Thanks to the launch of the new plant, new permanent jobs will be created, tax revenues to the regional budget will increase, and this means affordable housing, new schools, hospitals and other necessary social facilities," summed up the head of the region.

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