Kazagrofinance used only 43% of the money from preferential leasing

Kazagrofinance used only 43% of the money from preferential leasing

Deputies of the Auyl party faction have raised questions on the non-utilisation of funds intended for preferential leasing, World of NAN reports.

Of the 20 billion tenge allocated in 2023 for the agricultural machinery leasing program, Kazagrofinance spent only 43.5%, leaving 11.3 billion tenge in its account. Although the issue of updating equipment is very pressing for all farmers, and most want to update their fleet. For some reason, money lies like a dead weight.

What could be the reason? It was explained to the deputies that the reason for the lack of development was the insolvency of farmers. That is, in all of Kazakhstan there were no farmers to purchase equipment worth 20 billion tenge? Isn't this funny?

But the reasons may lie elsewhere. The preferential leasing program implies the purchase of agricultural machinery only of “domestic production”. Perhaps farmers simply did not have enough equipment? Or do they have no desire to buy this equipment?

The state with its own hands has deprived farmers of choice and this is the result. With this approach, Kazakhstan will never reach the level of renewal of agricultural machinery of 8-10% per year.

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