Kazakhstan exported the record amount of meat since gaining independence

Kazakhstan exported the record amount of meat since gaining independence

Most importers of Kazakhstani beef and mutton are Uzbekistan, Iran, and Bahrain. According to the results of last year, Kazakhstan as a whole exported 33 thousand tons of meat to 11 countries of the world. This is mainly beef - 19.9 thousand tons. This data was provided by the Ministry of Agriculture

As noted in the department, it was decided to keep records of the veterinary certificates issued for these purposes in the Ministry of Agriculture for the accuracy of accounting of exported products. In 2018, the total export of meat from Kazakhstan amounted to 32.5 thousand tons, of which 24 thousand tons of red meat. Beef – 19 thousand tons, lamb – 3 thousand tons, pork - 1 thousand tons. More than 5 thousand tons were exported for beef, that is, in carcasses, live more than 50 thousand heads, which in terms of meat is 10 thousand tons. The rest is deep processing, these are sausages, canned food and other.

Specialists of the department note that export is growing and gives an incentive to all industry participants to increase production volumes.

It is noted that in 2019, exports have already exceeded 50 thousand tons. Red meat is 38 thousand tons of these. These volumes are calculated on the basis of a joint order of the Minister of Agriculture and the Chairman of the Statistics Agency.


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