Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan will be connected by a new railroad

Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan will be connected by a new railroad

The construction of a new 152-km-long Darbaza-Maktaaral railway line has begun in the Turkestan region, World of NAN reports citing the government.

In general, since the beginning of the year, the volume of cargo transportation between Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan amounted to 25.8 million tons. The main cargo flow passes through the interstate junction station "Saryagash", which today operates at the capacity limit.

The construction of the new railway line will allow reorienting cargoes from the existing Saryagash-Tashkent section to the new branch, unloading the Saryagash station and increasing export transportation in the direction of Uzbekistan as a whole.

"We forecast that cargo traffic will additionally increase by 10-14 million tons. And further growth up to 20-25 million tons is possible. This section, bypassing the Tashkent junction, will make it much faster to transport cargo in both directions," emphasized Kanat Almagambetov, Deputy Chairman of the Board of KTZh.

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