Kazakh companies will enter the global business partner search platform Opportunity Network

Kazakh companies will enter the global business partner search platform Opportunity Network

QazTrade signed an agreement with Opportunity Network, the largest global platform for finding verified business partners. The partnership will promote exports and international investment in Kazakhstan, World of NAN reports citing the press service of the Ministry of Trade and Integration of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

QazTrade has become the first government agency in Central Asia to partner with Opportunity Network.

Opportunity Network is an innovative online platform that brings together owners and top managers of companies from around the world and allows them to find real business opportunities for business development. The amount of deals already done on the platform by companies in over 100 different industries amounts to $395 billion. The platform connects more than 45,000 business leaders and investors and helps them find new clients, service and product providers, distributors, real estate deals, opportunities to invest or raise money. And that means new international deal opportunities will open up for domestic business people, connecting directly with 45,000 top executives and investors in 140 countries.

"Our goal is to enable a CEO from Nur-Sultan or Almaty to have the same access to global business opportunities as a CEO from New York or London," said Brian Pallas, CEO and founder of Opportunity Network.

Access to the network will open doors to a world of new international opportunities for Kazakhstan top managers and business people, who want to connect with trusted counterparties from different countries, as well as investors interested in the Kazakh market.

In order to ensure full reliability and quality of deals, Opportunity Network works with trusted partners who are responsible for vetting all potential participants. Current partnerships with leading financial and international institutions include YPO, EO in the US, FICCI in India, UBS and Credit Suisse in Switzerland, the London Stock Exchange in England, Alfa Bank in Russia, ABN Amro in the Netherlands, BBVA in Latin America and now QazTrade in Kazakhstan.

"One of the main objectives of our organization is to promote the foreign economic activities of Kazakh companies. In the current global environment, digital solutions are becoming one of the main tools for finding counterparties. Therefore, we are very happy to work with Opportunity Network to provide Kazakh companies with access to the international market," says Azamat Askiruly, CEO of QazTrade.

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