Kazakhstan's flour millers need to be saved

Kazakhstan's flour millers need to be saved

Last year, wheat flour exports fell by 23%. Senate deputy Sultan Dyusembinov believes this is due to equal access to flour and grain supplies, World of NAN reports.

"Kazakhstan supplies wheat and flour to the foreign markets of Central Asian countries and Afghanistan on terms of equal access. The countries-importers of our wheat create measures of non-tariff restriction in trade, restraining imports of our flour, developing their own processing," the senator noted.

For example, in Uzbekistan the rates of import duties on imported grain - 0%, on imported flour - 10%.

"As a result, flour exports from Kazakhstan to Uzbekistan fell three times, from 1 million 300 thousand tons to 420 thousand tons. Exports of wheat grain for the same period increased from 658 thousand tons to 3 million tons - 4.5 times. And such a situation has developed in the neighboring countries of Central Asia," said the MP.

To solve the problem, he suggested that the Prime Minister should provide a simplified VAT refund for exports in automatic mode and introduce mirror measures of tariff restrictions in trade.

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