Kazakhstan should learn from Uzbekistan

Kazakhstan should learn from Uzbekistan

The neighboring country is going to allocate land plots for young people. They will grow vegetables, melons, grapes, as well as medicinal plants and fodder crops. It will increase employment for the youth and provide a steady income, World of NAN reports.

60,000 hectares of land in the reserve of district khokimiyats will be put up for online electronic auction and leased to young people to organize dekhkan farms.

The winners of electronic online auctions will be able to pay the cost of the land plot in interest-free installments for 10 years.

In addition, the following land plots will be leased to applicants for up to 30 years on the basis of the principle "one land plot - one production": irrigated crop areas; land areas of perennial plantations; land areas intended for the production of fodder crops.

Monitoring of the types and volume of crops grown by the applicants on the land areas will be carried out through the platform "Young Farmers". And young people who get land will be given a loan of up to 100 million soums for up to 7 years.

Under the decree, all types of loans will be allowed on the basis of guarantee of "makhalla seven", which will be equally responsible for the performance of loans.

Applicants will also be granted subsidies and loans for the purchase of mini machinery, seeds and seedlings.

In addition, with the help of 167 "agro-centers" on the ground will organize the services of supplying seeds, seedlings, fertilizers, mini-equipment and agronomists. In addition, processors and exporters will be engaged in the purchase of grown products.

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