Kostanai farmers were underpaid 16 billion tenge of subsidies

Kostanai farmers were underpaid 16 billion tenge of subsidies

At the same time, representatives of the region's agriculture department keep referring to the lack of funds, reports World of NAN with reference to

"Already in October we sent a letter to the Ministry with a request to allocate an additional 4 billion tenge, but, unfortunately, the money has not arrived. We will close debts on investment subsidies for 2023 in 2024. We have already sent a budget request for 10.5 billion tenge of additional funds," explained Madina Nurgazina, Chief Specialist of the Agricultural Department.

The issue of outstanding debts to farmers (the amount of which for 2022-2023 is 16 billion tenge) arose because of the unsystematic work of the Ministry of Agriculture and the regional department of agriculture. These include frequent changes of information systems for subsidizing the agro-industrial complex, their work in test mode and changes in regulations.

For example, the 2022 applications were resubmitted in 2023 and some of them are still pending. Applications submitted in August 2023 for pesticides are currently being reviewed. Based on the subsidy rules, applications with a reasoned refusal for 2022, submitted in 2023, after adjustment, cannot be submitted again in the current year 2024.

Consequently, farmers have again become hostages of an unfinished platform, the customer of which is the Ministry of Agriculture, on the one hand, and untimeliness of review of applications by the Department of Agriculture, on the other hand.

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