Collapse of seed production will lead to the ruin of farmers

Collapse of seed production will lead to the ruin of farmers

Today a seed conference "Seed Day "Tukym-2024" was held in the capital, where industry experts voiced disheartening data, World of NAN reports.

According to NASEC, 31.9% of Kazakhstan's arable land is sown with domestic seeds. That is, 68% of the area depends on imported seeds. Of course, there is nothing wrong with imports, but one must take into account geopolitical instability. Some have already gotten burned when they bought seeds from Ukraine. Therefore, in case of emergency, Kazakhstan should have a reserve. This season's bad weather showed that there is no such reserve. Farmers were offered to sow commercial wheat from Prodkorporatsiya.

Politicians only talk and make plans on paper. No concrete decisions and achievements are visible. Meanwhile, large seed companies from abroad continue to penetrate into Kazakhstan with their products. So, this year the state variety testing passed 165 foreign varieties and hybrids, and domestic only 30. Just think about these figures, the dependence on imports is growing every day and there are reasons for this.

The largest seed market is located in Europe, there are 7000 firms of different sizes, which annually earn more than 32 billion dollars.

And every year European companies increase sales by 10%. But the worst thing is that 12-15% of the total profit Western companies invest in the development of the industry and increase their own competition.

What can we do against such companies? NASEC and its subsidiaries, which are engaged in commodity production? Yes, the Ministry of Agriculture is building a plan to develop seed production. But when have the plans of government agencies ever worked in our country?

Therefore, the authorities should pay more attention to private companies that are engaged in seed production. Under market conditions, they are the most interested in development and will do much more than state organizations. However, they need finance in the form of subsidies or cheap loans. Because it is practically impossible to compete with imported producers.

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