KTZh cuts the main transportation plan by 60-70%

KTZh cuts the main transportation plan by 60-70%

Export headquarters discussed the ways to ensure the growth of export supplies from Kazakhstan to foreign markets and fulfill obligations to trade partners, World of NAN reports with reference to the Ministry of Trade.

According to the plan of transportation for November 2023 in the export direction in the declared need for transportation of 8.5 million tons of cargo, of which only 3.6 million tons agreed, that is, 4.9 million tons of consignors refused. This fact clearly shows why exports in Kazakhstan are not growing at the rate they could.

"KTZh cuts the main transportation plan by 60-70%, the only argument is that the joints are loaded. We used to be able to regulate our shipments by submitting applications for inclusion in the additional transportation plan. But today they don't coordinate them for us," Zeynulli Abdumanapov, head of the KazGrain exporters' association, said.

Satzhan Uzbekov, head of the Transportation Ministry's department, said the additional plan is not to the detriment of the main plan. If a shipper last month fulfilled the stated norm, it will agree on a plan. Unscrupulous shippers are denied additional transportation.

At the meeting of the headquarters, business representatives voiced several proposals to improve the efficiency of planning. First, to automate the review of transportation requests so that the shipper knows why he was denied and at what section the cargo was not allowed to pass. Secondly, to publish KTZh's transportation plans for open commodity positions, in particular, for agro-industrial complex, in the public domain on a monthly basis. This will allow commodity producers to qualitatively plan the shipment of products.

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