Kyrgyzstan supports farmers better than Kazakhstan

Kyrgyzstan supports farmers better than Kazakhstan

Farmers in Kyrgyzstan, unlike their Kazakhstani counterparts, can borrow any agricultural equipment under the preferential leasing program, World of NAN reports.

Kazagrofinance has not utilized 56.5% of the budget allocated for preferential leasing of agricultural machinery. The reason is the insolvency of farmers and excessive requirements for collateral.

Another restriction is that farmers in Kazakhstan can only borrow ‘domestically produced’ agricultural machinery. According to farmers, such a skewed market significantly raises prices. But the state does not care about the needs of farmers.

Farmers in Kyrgyzstan can take all kinds of agricultural machinery and equipment, as well as sprinklers and drip irrigation equipment for irrigating crops, for up to 10 years with an interest rate of 6% per annum. And there are no problems with non-disbursement of funds.

And then the question arises, why farmers are more appreciated in the neighboring state?


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