Mattresses for ... cows were purchased for a Kostanay farm

Mattresses for ... cows were purchased for a Kostanay farm

Just this afternoon we released a video about chiropractors for horses. Even joked that in Kazakhstan it is unlikely that they would look for chiropractors, it is easier to send the animal to slaughter. But as it turned out, our farmers also take excellent care of their animals, and even spoil them by buying fancy gizmos for comfort, reports World of NAN.

Recently "Kostanay News" reported about an unusual purchase on one of the farms - mattresses for cows. It concerns "Saryagash" LLP of Denisov district. The director of this farm Utegen Murtazin declares that here aspire to create a happy life for cows of the local dairy farm. This, he says, will definitely help increase milk yields. Which, in turn, will become the reason to increase the welfare of the farm. Some time ago, the first heifers of Holstein breed were brought to the farm from America. They became the basis of the powerful core of the dairy herd. Today the farm "Saryagash" LLP is included into number of the most highly productive dairy enterprises not only in Kostanay region but also in republic.

The head of the farm himself told about purchase and features of new mattresses for cows.

"Our animals are very demanding in terms of living conditions. Trust me, the cows which give about 30 liters a day, can easily die because of immune system malfunction. They are like strained strings, tuned to provide great results. Therefore, relaxation has a huge part to play. And so, to make the animals rest comfortably we buy rubber mattresses for them. After all, if the cow does not rest properly, she will eat less feed. Hence the lack of milk. Moreover, because of such a "little thing" as a proper rest, she may get a disease. And then its death could soon follow", - says Utegen Murtazin.

Rubber mattresses for cows have very strong protectors. The first batch of mattresses has already been used in one of the MTF's buildings.

The farm manager, Akylbek Atantayev, has shown why large mattress protectors are needed. As it turns out, thanks to them, the laid bales play elastically under their feet. As a result, the cows have a very comfortable resting surface. And most importantly, the experts say, injuries of animal limbs and other diseases are definitely reduced.

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