Minister of Trade of Kazakhstan proposed to introduce quotas on the export of vegetables

Minister of Trade of Kazakhstan proposed to introduce quotas on the export of vegetables

Minister of Trade and Integration Bakhyt Sultanov proposed to introduce quotas on the export of vegetables in case of their uncontrolled export, World of NAN reports citing the press service of the prime minister.

During the government meeting, the Trade Minister also gave a report on domestic trade. According to him, the increase in prices of socially important food products since the beginning of the year amounted to 10.3%. Vegetables, for which a price increase is observed during the off-season, showed the greatest growth.

"A decrease in vegetable prices is expected only at the end of this month. We conducted an analysis of the main price stabilization mechanisms. The results showed that the regional stabilization funds are misallocated for the purchase of goods and there are still facts of inefficient use of the mechanism," said Bakhyt Sultanov.

The Head of the Trade Ministry added that in order to prevent further price growth, the akimats should tighten monitoring and control to prevent business entities from exceeding markups and price caps, as well as to timely inform regional residents about the established price caps.

The Minister also offered to provide a clear inter-regional cooperation on the supply of goods between the social and business corporations.

"In the period from September to December there is an increase in demand for vegetables from the border countries. In the case of uncontrolled export of products from the country, it is necessary to introduce quotas on the export of such goods," the minister expressed his idea.

Given the physical and moral depletion of vegetable storage facilities, Bakhyt Sultanov also proposed to increase the rate of investment subsidies from 25% to 50%.

"This is necessary to fulfill the order of the head of state. This measure will allow us to stimulate business, to preserve the harvest in sufficient quantities and not allow a sharp rise in prices," - summed up the head of the Ministry of Trade.

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