The Ministry of Agriculture will emphasise deep grain processing

The Ministry of Agriculture will emphasise deep grain processing

Aidarbek Saparov, the Minister of Agriculture said that the ministry is focusing on the production of deep-processed products such as pasta, flour confectionery and starch products, World of NAN reports.

Special emphasis is being placed on deep-processed grain products, for which a number of investment projects are being implemented.

‘Thus, 13 grain processing projects are planned to be implemented in 2024-2026. Oilseeds processing is also developing dynamically. There are 80 enterprises involved in vegetable oil production, which will produce 672 thousand tons of vegetable oil in 2023, which is 4.3% more than in 2022. Availability is 183%,’ the Minister reported.

By the end of the year, vegetable oil production is expected to increase to 750 thousand tons. This will be achieved through the expansion of cultivated areas, provision of working capital for the purchase of raw materials and implementation of new investment projects.

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