Ministry of Ecology plans to digitize 119 canals, build 8 reservoirs, increase area of irrigated lands

Ministry of Ecology plans to digitize 119 canals, build 8 reservoirs, increase area of irrigated lands

The Ministry of Ecology, Geology and Natural Resources of Kazakhstan intends to increase irrigated area with application of modern water saving technologies from 221 thousand hectares to 420 thousand hectares, to reconstruct about 2 thousand km of main canals, to build 8 new reservoirs with total volume of 885 million m3 by 2025, reports World of NAN.

Magzum Mirzagaliyev, head of the Ministry, reported on the Ministry's plans at a government meeting.

He said that now the Ministry is developing two national projects - "Zhasyl Kazakhstan" and on management of water resources.

According to the Minister, the implementation of the national project "Zhasyl Kazakhstan", being developed within the framework of the order of the Head of State K. Tokayev, will improve the situation in 10 cities with a high level of air pollution.

"The national project "Zhasyl Kazakhstan" will consist of 7 main sections: the improvement of water bodies, reducing air pollution, waste management, the conservation of biodiversity, greening the country, energy efficiency, eco-education and improving environmental culture. This will help improve the environmental situation in the cities of Temirtau, Nur-Sultan, Almaty, Aktobe, Atyrau, Ust-Kamenogorsk, Karaganda, Balkhash, Zhezkazgan and Shymkent," the Minister informed.

The Minister said that by 2025 the country plans to reduce the amount of wastewater discharges and increase the share of waste recycling from the current 18% to 35%, and to reduce the energy intensity of the country's GDP.

In order to carry out public monitoring over the progress of work on the planting of 2 billion trees in the forest fund, the Ministry of Ecology proposes to create an interactive map on the basis of the existing geoportal of the Ministry of Ecology. As M.Mirzagaliyev noted, this portal now monitors forest fires and illegal logging online.

For the second national project it is planned to transform the previously developed draft of the State Water Resources Management Program.

"We have developed a draft state program on water resources management. For today the work on transformation of this state program into the national project is conducted. Six main directions, including improvement of interstate water relations for strengthening of water diplomacy, digitalization, accounting and monitoring of water resources, water conservation, rehabilitation of irrigation systems and facilities have been determined", the Minister stated.

Apart from these activities, it is also planned to update legal framework, develop Water Code in new edition and strengthen work on training of water sector specialists.

"As a result, work on digitization of 119 canals will be carried out and information system for determination of river flow resources will be created. In addition, the area of irrigated land, using modern water-saving technologies, will be increased from 221 thousand hectares to 420 thousand hectares," added Magzum Mirzagaliyev.

In addition, under the national project it is planned to reconstruct about 2 thousand km of main canals, build 8 new reservoirs with a total volume of 885 million m3.

"New reservoirs will be built in Zhambyl, West Kazakhstan, Turkestan, Almaty and Kyzylorda regions. From 2025 to 2030 another 31 new reservoirs will be built," the Minister concluded.

The work on development of national projects is planned to be completed on July 1 this year.

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