Floods: the number of dead animals has reached 8,000

Floods: the number of dead animals has reached 8,000

More than 88,000 farm animals have been driven away to a safe distance from the floods, World of NAN reports with reference to the Ministry of Agriculture.

The main share of dead animals is small cattle - 6 thousand heads, bovine cattle - 1.5 thousand, horses - 514 heads. To date, 4.1 thousand heads have been utilized.

The Republican headquarters approved an algorithm for payment of compensation to owners of fallen livestock. Thus, commissions have been set up by local executive bodies in the regions to address the issues of identification of owners, determination of damage and other related issues.

Owners of farm animals, fallen as a result of floods, need to apply to the local commission with the data on the animals. The fact of ownership of farm animals will be confirmed by acts of commissions.

The amount of compensation to the owners will be determined on the basis of data on the market value of animals by species and sex and age groups published by the Bureau of National Statistics.

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