A farmer invested more than a billion to build a storage facility

A farmer invested more than a billion to build a storage facility

In Panfilov district of Zhetysu region, a farmer is building a 7,000-ton storage facility for fruits and vegetables, ready to store the products of local farms, World of NAN reports with reference to the Akimat of the region.

The project is being realized on the basis of the Valiyev A. farm. The capacity of storage facilities is 7 thousand tons, including a refrigerated warehouse for 1000 tons. At the first stage of the project 250 million tenge was invested, and at the second stage it is planned to invest about 780 million tenge.

"Using the latest technologies, we have installed 12 modern blast chillers for storage of any products. In the future we will set up processing of fruits and vegetables. In the meantime, we are ready to accept fruits and vegetables from local farms for storage, to sell products purchased at our own expense and stored in storage facilities", - shared the head of the farm Ayupzhan Valiyev.

During the harvest period every farmer faces the problem of storage and realization of vegetables and fruits. Therefore, the entrepreneur offers his own way of solving such an urgent problem.

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