The Aul Amanaty program was called ineffective at Jańa Dala/Vet Astana 2023

The Aul Amanaty program was called ineffective at Jańa Dala/Vet Astana 2023

General Director of the Meat Union of Kazakhstan Maksut Baktibayev questioned the effectiveness of the program "Aul Amanaty" during the conference of the specialized exhibition, the World of NAN reports.

Recall, the program "Auyl Amanaty" was launched in Kazakhstan to increase the income of rural residents, under which citizens are given loans at 2.5% for the implementation of business.

"Now the program is going a bit in a primitive form, the money is simply distributed to villagers. Unfortunately, they realize that this is helicopter money and keep it for themselves, taking advantage of the cheap interest rate. That is, it does not structurally increase the income of the rural population," Maksut Baktibayev explained.

According to him, the business community has made a proposal to the government. The government was asked to build ready-made farms for breeding cattle, cattle and other types of animals. And of such a size that one family could receive a monthly income of one million tenge.

"Firstly, here we remove the risk of misuse of money, they will be spent for the intended purpose. Second, the farm will be built technologically correctly, taking into account all the mistakes. Third, we do it in partnership with anchor cooperation. That is, we tie them to a feedlot. The company will be guaranteed to buy the villagers' products and help with veterinary care and production," Baktibayev added.

The proposal is still under consideration. Perhaps next year they will launch a similar project in pilot mode.

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