The benefits of digitalization of Kazakhstan amounted to almost 600 million dollars

The benefits of digitalization of Kazakhstan amounted to almost 600 million dollars

Digital transformation is one of the main goals of the modern state.

Kazakhstan also pays a lot of attention to this area. In 2017, the state program “Digital Kazakhstan” was adopted, the purpose of which is to accelerate the pace of development of the country's economy, as well as improve the quality of life of the population through the usage of digital technologies.

The program consists of five key areas:

  • “Digitalization of industries”;
  • “Transition to the digital state”;
  • “Implementation of the Digital Silk Road”;
  • “Human capital development”;
  • “Creation of innovative ecosystem”.

Within the framework of these five areas, 17 initiatives and more than 100 events have been formed.

The economy of country is increasingly being digitized. In 2018, the share of organizations using computers increased from 70.7% to 77.7%. Meanwhile, the share of organizations with Internet access increased from 67.7% in 2017 to 75.1% in 2018, and the share of organizations with Internet resources from 21.7% to 22.3%.

According to the press service of the Ministry of Digital Development, the Defense and Aerospace Industries, the total economic effect of digitalization in Kazakhstan amounted to 578 million dollars. The official information resource of the Prime Minister of the Republic of Kazakhstan informed that due to the introduction of digitalization of the economy, annual productivity growth is expected to be 2-10%, production growth at the fields will be 3%, production costs will decrease by 10-20%, and raising yields due to the use of precision farming in the agricultural sector will increase by 25-50%.

According to IDC, direct investment in digital transformation from 2020 to 2023 will amount to $ 7.4 trillion. The greatest increase is projected in the field of data analysis and analytics, as companies create competitive advantages based on information.

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