Prices for flour and bread increased in Kazakhstan

Prices for flour and bread increased in Kazakhstan

Prices for cereals and flour, bread and eggs, and also seasonal vegetables and fruits had markedly risen in the country by November.

In Kazakhstan, price for seasonal vegetables: tomatoes jumped 12.8% in a month, cucumbers 11%, and garlic 7.7%. However, onions, carrots and cabbage, on the contrary, became cheaper.

Among fruits: citrus fruits (oranges: + 7.6% per month, lemons: + 1.3%) and bananas: + 2.6% by October.

A noticeable jump in prices was also noted in the segment of flour products and cereals: buckwheat went up by a significant 8.6%, first grade flour 4%, higher grade went up 2%, millet price increased by 1.9%, and pearl barley and semolina by 1, 5% and 1.2%.

The price for bread also rose: 3.2% - wheat flour of first category, 2.1% - wheat and rye flour, 1.4% - premium wheat flour.

It should be noted that in mid-October, the head of the Ministry of Agriculture, Saparkhan Omarov, warned that there would be a “slight increase” in bread prices, predicting a price of about 80–82 tenge per loaf of bread.

However, despite the forecast of the Ministry of Agriculture, prices in the country are rising, including for social bread. In Aktobe, it went up by 1-7 tenge, up to 87 tenge per loaf, in Atyrau - by 20 tenge, up to 95 tenge, in Pavlodar - by 20 tenge, up to 110 tenge per loaf. The reason is the rise in flour prices.

Among the products of poultry farms, eggs (+ 3.1%) and chickens (+ 1.4%) significantly increased in the month. In the dairy segment, raw milk (+ 3%) and pasteurized (+ 1.4%) milk, as well as butter (+ 2.5%), went up in price. Immediately, 2.2% per month increased prices for beef, 1.3% and 1.2% respectively - for pork and lamb.

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