Russia to increase flour sales in Kazakhstan's export markets

Russia to increase flour sales in Kazakhstan's export markets

In the current agricultural year, Russia may set a new record for exporting flour abroad, reports World of NAN with reference to

Recall that last year the neighbors renewed their record exporting 830 thousand tons of flour, with 393 thousand tons exported in the first half. Now, more than 560 thousand tons have been shipped and today most of the old volumes have already been shipped. With the same dynamics of export, taking into account these figures, by the end of summer it may amount to at least one million tons.

The largest importers of Russian flour were Afghanistan (160 thousand tons), China (110 thousand tons) and Iraq. Belarus, Georgia, DPRK, Uzbekistan and Turkmenistan were also among the buying countries.

Russia managed to increase exports due to high export duty on wheat and crop problems in Kazakhstan. The neighbors plan to increase flour supplies and occupy Kazakhstan's traditional markets.

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