Oilseeds export growth will lead to a decrease in domestic feed production

Oilseeds export growth will lead to a decrease in domestic feed production

The National Association of Oilseeds Processors has proposed to the Ministry of Agriculture a quota for the export of oilseeds, providing detailed calculations of the volume of the quota, World of NAN reports.

According to the association, it is inexpedient to impose restrictions on the export of meal and cake, which are used as feed for farm animals, without the introduction of quotas on the export of oilseeds.

"It is irrational to reduce the export of finished oil products and at the same time to leave open the export of oilseeds, because the first is produced from the second. The restrictions will simply not work if the raw materials are exported," explained the chairman of the National Association of Oilseeds Processors, Yadikar Ibragimov.

According to the association, this year neighboring Russian Federation imposed duties on the export of oilseeds. Also, the country may tacitly close the export of oilseeds to Kazakhstan in order to prevent the flow of raw materials to third countries.

"This situation will increase the demand for oilseeds by nearby countries, particularly China. And if we sell all the raw materials, then the production of finished products in the domestic market of Kazakhstan will significantly decrease and its import will increase," Yadykar Ibragimov expressed his fears.

Central Asian countries reoriented from imports of finished products to raw materials. The reason for this is the government's measures. They plan to gradually reduce the import of finished oil and fat products and increase the import of raw oil. In other words, the countries are focused on their own production, and Kazakhstan will simply become a raw materials appendage for them.

"The introduction of restrictions on the export of only finished products - meal and cake - creates unequal conditions between processors and traders. In this regard, the NAOP proposed the Ministry of Agriculture of the Republic of Kazakhstan to introduce quotas on the volume of oilseeds on a monthly basis", - said the chairman of the NAOP.

In his opinion, it is also necessary to monitor the market on a monthly basis in order to be able to make adjustments for the quantitative restriction or opening of the market in case of changes in the oil and fat industry.

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