A workgroup was created to develop a national project on the development of the agricultural industry

A workgroup was created to develop a national project on the development of the agricultural industry

At the meeting of the Government the Minister of Agriculture Saparkhan Omarov reported on measures to implement the instructions of the Head of State in the framework of his Address to the people of Kazakhstan.

According to the Minister, the Ministry of Agriculture has created a workgroup to develop the National Project for the next five-year period. It included the heads of public sector associations and farmers' unions, international experts in the field of agricultural development, representatives of "Atameken", as well as business and agro-science.

The concept of the new program of agro-industrial complex development will envisage the mechanisms to solve such priority tasks as saturation of the domestic market with domestic foodstuffs, increase of income of rural population and labor productivity by 2,5 times, increase of agro-industrial complex products export by 2 times.

In addition, the issues of increasing access to finance, land resources, development of agro-science, digitalization of the industry, veterinary and phytosanitary safety will be worked out.

To increase the capacity of processing enterprises, measures on development of anchor cooperation will be worked out. This will enable the potential of household farm and small-scale dispersed farmers to be connected through vertical and horizontal chains of cooperation with the needs of food and consumer light industry.

"It is the principle of cooperation "stronger together" that will increase the competitive advantages of small commodity production. Thus, ecosystems for the production and processing of agricultural raw materials will be created around large investment projects," Saparkhan Omarov said.


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