Total lawlessness reigns in veterinary services in Akmola region

Total lawlessness reigns in veterinary services in Akmola region

The inspection of the prosecutor's office of Zhaksyn district of Akmola region revealed facts of failure to conduct veterinary examinations and vaccination of animals against dangerous diseases, World of NAN reports with reference to the prosecutor's office.

In addition, veterinary authorities attributed animals that were not actually vaccinated and falsified reports.

Thus, 500 cattle in Tarasovsky rural district and 319 cattle in Ishimsky rural district were not tested for tuberculosis. According to the reports, all livestock were 100% tested.

In Zaporozhye rural district, according to reports and acts, vaccination of unavailable cattle sent for slaughter (more than 60 heads) continued.

There are 16 thousand heads of non-existent cattle on the records. For the violations 13 persons were brought to responsibility, 9 veterinary inspectors, including the chief veterinarian, were brought to administrative responsibility, and fines were imposed on them. Following acts of prosecutor's supervision, local executive bodies take measures to eliminate the revealed violations.

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