Requirements for concessional lending are too high

Requirements for concessional lending are too high

The allocation of concessional finance for spring field work was discussed at a meeting in the government, World of NAN with reference to the Cabinet of Ministers.

Farmers have been complaining of overly exaggerated demands from the ACC in the allocation of concessional funds under Ken dala-2. These include: confirmation of information on sown areas and crops for the last three years, availability of sown areas in ownership or on the right of temporary reimbursable use and three years' experience of agricultural activity, insurance against excess moisture and others.

"The money allocated for spring field work is the basis of the country's food security. It is necessary to approach individually to each request. In the near future, 100 billion tenge will be allocated from the reserve of the Government and local budgets to subsidise the interest rate, which will make it possible to attract an additional 400 billion tenge at 5% per annum for agricultural producers for spring field work. And farmers should receive these funds without any delays," said Serik Zhumangarin Deputy Prime Minister.

The total amount of funding for spring field work in 2024 will amount to 580 billion tenge.

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